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Feed the Future

We created a non-profit foundation, FEED THE FUTURE, which supports restaurants and farmers by providing direct aid and resources to Bay Area farms and hospitality workers in order to encourage entrepreneurship and sustainability in our local food supply. 

FEED THE FUTURE provides essential, unrestricted resources to those most in need. We award grants to workers who are at risk, facing food insecurity, housing hardship, and medical care. Grants are also available to support our local farm communities by providing direct aid to purchase equipment, upgrade infrastructure, and assist farmers with direct-to-consumer sales. 

Our work to help strengthen the local food community and turn ideas into action would not be possible without your financial support. Together, we can help shape our community, drive change, and ensure sustainability for local farms and the hospitality industry. Consider making a tax-deductible contribution.

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Fresh Run Farm

Located near Bolinas, CA, Fresh Run Farm is operated by third-generation farmer Peter Martinelli and was one of the earliest certified organic farms on the West Coast.

Fresh Run Farm grows over 40 varieties of carefully selected heirloom fruits, vegetables and flowers of exceptional quality exclusively for Chef Michael and Lindsay Tusk's restaurants, Quince, Cotogna and Verjus. The seasonally-changing menu at Quince stems from this close collaboration and partnership between Peter, Chef Michael Tusk and the Quince culinary team.

Peter remains dedicated to maintaining the integrity of organic food production. He is a strong advocate for the preservation of local, family-scale farming in Marin County. He sits on the board of the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, The Marin County Farm Bureau, and was a founding member of Marin Organic. He is also a board member of The Wild Farm Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to the creation and maintenance of wildlife habitats on farms and ranches.

Fresh Run Farm grows conscientiously and organically to safeguard this agricultural resource for future generations to come.

“Farming is not for wimps or the faint of heart. Bolinas is pretty unique in that it has a greenbelt of working farmland from the seashore land and R.C.A. all the way around almost to Dogtown, and we want to preserve that greenbelt—and encourage other properties to take these kinds of steps to do so. Preservation is for the long-haul.” 
- Peter Martinelli